2013 Albertina Cabernet Franc

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Where the Cabernet Sauvignon is from widely spaced rows of vines running down the hill, the Cabernet Franc is from tightly spaced vines planted in terraces in the steepest part of the vineyard, at the very top of the mountain. Yields are lower (especially per vine), and the resultant grapes are small and very concentrated. This 2013 – like many 2013s – is truly something special.

Most wine writers and winemakers consider the 2013 California vintage the best ever. Certainly, this super-dark, rich and delicious Cabernet Franc bears supports that assessment. At 14%, this is quite ripe by Albertina’s standards. But what impresses most is the density and depth – the richer yet even more perfectly balanced fruit and texture – that is so quintessentially 2013.

Indeed, this one is so rich it’s a bit hard to identify as Cabernet Franc (which is usually more “edgy”). Not only the best Albertina wine to date; I’d go so far as to say this is one of California’s most successful Cabernet Francs period. And an outstanding example of what steep mountain vineyards can deliver.

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